Video Editor

Video Editor - Bengali Cooking Channel (Content Localization)

Position: 2

Job Summary:

We are seeking a talented Video Editor to join our team and assist in localizing our Bengali cooking channel content for an English-speaking audience. Your primary responsibility will be to edit the existing Bengali videos, condensing them into 5-6 minute segments while adding English text for instructions and ingredients. Additionally, you will be responsible for converting the edited content into short-form videos of approximately 60 seconds. If you have a passion for cooking, a keen eye for detail, and proficiency in video editing, we invite you to be a part of our team. This position offers the flexibility to work remotely.


Salary & Benefits:

6000-12,000 TK (depending on experience). Attractive benefits will be provided after reviewing your performance for 3 to 6 months.

Work Location:

This position offers the flexibility to work remotely.


To apply for the position of Video Editor for our Bengali cooking channel, please submit your resume, portfolio, and relevant samples of your work to Additionally, include a brief cover letter highlighting your experience in video editing, content localization, and your passion for the culinary industry.